Frequent asking question


Do I need to have an experience of sailing for Atlas activities?

No, our goal is to democratize sportive sailing in Canada. We make it possible for everyone to come on our boat. Nevertheless, a sailing experience is required to race with us.

How does Atlas work?

Atlas is a non profit organisation which gathers a community of sailing lovers. To become a member of the community, you just have to sign up to any of our programs. Then you will be able to receive a 25% discount on Helly Hansen website (for example)

What is included in Atlas activities?

All the food and beverage are given by the team, even the rhum for a better sailing experience. Every Atlas participant must be autonumous concerning the transport to come and leave the activity.


What are the commodities on the boat?

- Beds like tense hammock - a fridge, two hot plates, stoves, pans and bowls to eat. - little toilets - no shower

What do you need to bring?

These stuffs are the minimum you need: - Short and pants or overall - 1 windbreaker jacket in Goretex - Synthetic t-shirts - 1 fleece jackets - 1 boots or closed-toe shoes - 1 hat - 1 cap - Saling gloves - Sunglasses - Sunscreen - 1 headlamp - 1 knife - 1 towel - 1 sleeping bag

What about about electronic stuffs?

It is possible to bring it but we recommend you to put it into hermetic bags. Concerning internet and telephone network, you will have acess to it on the Saint Laurent but not on the Atlantic. When there is no network, our skipper will have a satelite phone so that your family will have some news.


What type of food do we eat on boat?

Dont worry, we are food lovers so you eat as usually!



ATLAS Ocean Racing - 257 Rue Saint-Ferdinand, Montreal, QC H4C 2S6 CANADA